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Here's another guy we haven't seen in a while, and he's not gonna take it anymore!

You can tell that Victoreet is a real fan of the Contra series! I'd hate to see what he does for the spread shot powerup, though. I mean, it's not like he has a gun he can hang on to.

Quoth the Firehawke:

"Use of puns in dueling, as quoted by Victoreet.. is illegal. They are considered Contra-band."

Again, I say this is what happens when you hang out with a punny crowd.

Heck, even Magdalena—the blacksmith mistress of Merchant Guild as cameoed in RW's early years—was a punster herself. She liked to drive muenster trucks over me. It as quite a cheesy super move, but it did its job well.

I dunno why Gut Funk decided to pick on me, Lenz, and Sniff.

Well, actually, out of us three Sniff is easily the most dangerous in battle.

I've said it before, but as a permaswordie Sniff is able to take down foes higher up the tier class-wise.

Of course ...

THIS might also be a reason why Gut Funk chose to go after us first in his punny tournament.

After all ... as of right now, the only trans class in the RW gang (let alone third class) is Tristan himself.

Zelse actually has plans of eventually reaching Assassin of the Cross (I think) but, like the rest of us RW cast, we're not hardkorr leveling fanatics.

We like to have fun with our games!

No, Gut Funk is not passing gas in this panel.

Nor did Talien summon a SWAT team to rain tear gas grenades down on our unsuspecting bard's head.

The reality, my friends, is much worse!

I'm surprised there isn't an actual method to reflect Frost Joke or—what is it the Dancer equivalent is called? Scream?

Anyway, I asked around and no one knew of a method for it.

The only real method of guarding against it is to have the right equipment on hand, otherwise you're gonna be a popsicle.

No wonder Bards and Dancers (... or rather, their trans classes) are so valued nowadays!

Not to mention the right WoE gear.

Comic #351

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