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It's another day of green 'round these parts. This time, Nth Power's decided he's going to find a new way to make people "wear green."

Which is kind of funny when you think about it ... I mean, Lunaris is his apparent first victim of his schemes, yet he actually wears some green as a Knight whereas Nth and I don't!

Where is the green, you ask? Well, it's not visible on the sprite, but it is on the character artwork. The emblem woven into a male knight's banner that covers his chest and hangs down to his knees; it's got green olive branches on them. Come to think of it, RO classes in general don't seem to use green as a major color. That might change with the Ranger, the third class for Archers; their concept artwork shows them with camo pants.

Wow. Either Lunaris was on a serious Green Ale drinking binge, or Nth's little scheme caused him to empty the contents of his stomach from the last year.

Comic #352

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