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Now, I'm gonna say right off the bat, this comic is not ENTIRELY accurate.

The main thing is that the iRO Stat Reset Value Added Service (that's the full name ... Value Added Service, well, there's several different kinds of those—character transfer and character renaming, BUT ANYWAY!) is not a full stat reset.

It's actually a 20-point stat reset that is intended to ... well, that would be giving away the comic, wouldn't it? Heheh.

Anyway! The reason I didn't actually show this as a 20-point stat reset and instead depicted it as a full one is because I don't know Lunaris' stats ... and to tell the truth, neither does he; he hasn't actually played RO in a while and he hasn't kept any records of it.

So I figured, what the hey. Make it a full stat reset.

It's easier than spending forever trying to figure out how to come up with a fake setup that would believably look like something that 20 points would be removed from.

Also, a little bit of trivia while I'm at it! "STAT" is hospital jargon, in which case "stat" is short for the Latin word for "immediately" (which would be statim). It's basically hospital brevity.

I figured LUK would be a funny stat for Lunaris to dump his stat points in the middle of his freakout over a possible invasion of porings. Build wise, that's actually salvagable; apparently Knights on kRO use a LUK-dominant build for Muramasa usage, where they'd have their LUK stat one point higher than the number of their base level, to avoid the curse problem of using it. Lunaris uses spears, though, not swords—so this is the worst thing imaginable that could happen to him!

Of course, there's everybody's favorite bumbling gibbering novice right there for 1+8-STR punishment!

The sad thing is the realization that even something like THIS is a big threat to a novice, possibly even a HP-boosted one.

Comic #372

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