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Time for a rant that has little to do with the comic at hand! You know, the prejudices and assumptions of the general player base in RO have become more apparent has time's gone by. I've done comics on it before, but I've taken a lot of flak for being a permacolyte. If I don't take flak, I'm almost always asked "y u not priest/monk?" In my most recent months of playing on iRO, that attitude's gotten worse. The anniversary quest this year ensured that almost everyone is now a trans class—making reality a comic that wasn't as true about iRO's class makeup prior. About the only people that will offer to take me along in parties are either members and friends of the RW cast, or people that recognize me from this comic. Anyone else? I get laughed at. Such an incident occurred where I was talking to an RW fan while she was waiting for a leveling party on her new scholar. Their main tank, a high priest, rushed up to me and asked my level and class (yes, my class). When I told him I was an 8X Acolyte, he was in shock, but then went on to say (and this is verbatim) ...

"was gonna say u can join our party but

u cant do nothing



-.- "

Yeah, okay. If I can't do crap because I'm an Acolyte, someone explain to me how I've been able to level—level, not leech—in a two-man party in Rachel's Ice Dungeon and the Sphinx? I can take on stuff like Gazettis, Minorous, and Pasanas. I could probably take Anubis itself on if I had a Grand Cross (but I don't ... at best just a stunner). It's just ... sad and frustrating. Gravity did enough to the game to demote first classers to a brief and annoying step on the way to trans classes, when they used to be the stars of the game. Now people expect you to build first and even second classes purely for the sake of getting to trans class ... That's not even considering the way people treat the extended classes!

Comic #374

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