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You know something?

The mascots for the 2008 Olympics are deceptively complex in appearance—despite that flat color shading, their style is reminiscent of Link in Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

It was only natural for Sniff the Raven to be the mascot representing the swallow, "Nini." I'm the Tibetan Antelope "YingYing" there.

Oh, and as for the girl I mentioned, that'd be Hong Meiling. The Touhou fans call her "China." Though, I don't think I needed to say that; it seems like everyone I know is a fan of Touhou! ... Of course, you all knew that Tristan Aileron would go and do something like this.

I'm still scared at how he is able to pull these kinds of things off even when wearing his bulky suits of armor. Do those boobsuits work like bags of holding? Or are they like the Yalmaha from Anarchy Online, where it actually twists and contorts the body to fit inside its smaller-than-a-human-body space?

I had to think long and hard on who might have been the other three mascots, but I couldn't think of anyone offhand.

I was stuck, for instance, on who'd be the Phoenix: Novvy, Nth Power, or Gut Funk.

I just couldn't decide! ;_;

Comic #376

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