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We're blurring the lines of reality once again! Sniff and his Minstrel companion here have ... managed to get themselves lost. No, they didn't wind up in Albuquerque. (That's a hard word to spell.) Though I'm guessing the Minstrel really does wish it were such a town, because then they might not be in such a predicament. According to some of the folks I know, there was this ... fad in iRO, I suppose you'd say, where people who put up an AFK chat would name it "Brb making sammich :3" or something to the effect. I've never actually seen this myself, but it was a great tidbit of info to help set up this comic. It took some time to finish the rest of the comic due to a number of issues with life and the site that cropped up during the week, which gave some time for people to guess what would happen after that. The funny thing is, no one outright guessed what I was planning to do, but instead a number of people asked me if I had seen the Heavy update for Team Fortress 2 (which includes an unlockable Sandwich that Heavies can eat to refill their HP), and would then tell me that I should do a Team Fortress 2 comic involving the "Sandvich." No one knew that it was exactly what I've been doing all this time!

Now, you might ask, how exactly does Sniff intend to duel with this man? See for yourself!

Now, you might ask, how exactly can Sniff expect to arm wrestle this giant of a man? Well, as RO vets know, Marionette Control is a Minstrel skill that bestows half the points of all their stats to another player temporarily (but won't go past 99 points). That surely gives him enough STR to match this Heavy!

Comic #377

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