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Another early birthday comic! 'Tis better to be late than never. Of course, when you're as scattebrained as I am ... By the way, today's comic is brought to you by the brainmeats of Sniff the Raven. I was at a loss on what to do for MVE's upcoming birthday, and this popped right ouf his head. So give him props if you like this one!

Actually, this is somewhat of a late one too, if you think about it. There was someone I forgot to congratulate on the birthday comic I did at the end of last month.

Who did I miss? Rudolph Ravioli. His response to not getting his own birthday comic was to do the Earthbound maneuver—that is to say, he turned himself into a robot and did a little time traveling. As for this whole "MVE Fraternity" business—Mark Van Exel commonly uses (used?) the name "MVE Alpha" on the internet. So, what came to Sniff's mind was a family of Juperos robots that all shared that same nomenclature.

As to who the hell is Mark Van Exel's wife, I leave that to your collective imaginations. You gotta admit, whoever or whatever he married, having a Vesper for a "little" brother definitely has advantages.

On the other hand, you can't really go anywhere without a bunch of MVPing parties trying to kill him for his Vesper Cores ...

Comic #380

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