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It's funny how sometimes, you get ideas for something after finishing the weekly Ragnarok Wisdom that would have been more relevant right then—but it's only been a week since the end of Code Geass R2, and I still hear people talking about it.

Of course, not nearly as much as I did when the show was nearing its final episodes.

When I started working on this comic I wanted to try and keep from giving away any major spoilers. But based on what I've seen from the series,

I do gotta say this: The way the series starts, and the way it ends, is mind-boggling in terms of the kind of mechs and weapons used by all the various groups. From what I've seen, Code Geass compresses into a year or two's time the same rate of advancements that, say, the whole "Universal Century" line of Gundam shows do. It's crazy!

These reactions aren't exaggerated, either!

iRO Wiki has (had) a group of dedicated Code Geass fans who reacted to new episodes this way (particuarly calling watching new episodes "getting trolled" and the "epic rage" bit). A lot of the Ragnarok Wisdom cast was watching Code Geass faithfully too, and that's where the whole "kicked in the crotch" lines come in—Sniff, especially, saw Code Geass that way.

Remember what I said about relevance? I literally discovered this a few days after last Sunday, and I immediately know this had to be pointed out in an RW.

What you're seeing is pictures from Code Geass, alongside select scans from the Ragnarok graphic novels.

To help prevent spoilers (and to emphasize the similarities that Loki and Lelouch DO share) I edited the Code Geass pictures to look as if they were scans from graphic novels themselves.

Above all else, though ... while this comic has a little fun with the passing semblance between Lelouch and Loki, I do have to wonder how Code Geass characters would look when drawn by Myung-Jin Lee, or Ragnarok characters drawn by CLAMP (since Code Geass bases itself on CLAMP's artistic style).

Making a joke about that would likely end up with me dead—YES, MY LORD! *maces himself in the face*

Comic #384

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