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Just one quick quip here; if you found this comic funny, give Sniff the Raven your thanks; he's the guy who came up with the idea for this comic!

According to him and some others in an earlier discussion, monsters will not be insanely strong when monster skills come in.

In fact, a few may become weaker than they normally are, because as Sniff pointed out ...

Many have the equivalent of horrible, horrible DEX stats!

Marduk (as seen in this comic) supposedly has a very long time cast for his spells.

Baphomet's "Lord of Vermilion" is reputed to be laughable as well.

Novvy's a pretty clever guy, even if he's an idiot.

Or maybe it's just dumb luck that he figured out exactly what he needs to do to neutralize Marduk as a threat.

Either way, I'll be glad to see monster skills in, because not only will INT have more of a use for non-Acolytes and Mages (to provide defense against magical attacks, of course) but it will also add more strategic elements.

Now things won't be just merely point, shift and click—we'll actually have to put some thought into fighting!

Well, it would probably be more poignant if we had the ability to dodge ...

... Hmm.

How long do you guys think Novvy can keep this up?

Maybe we should make a betting pool!

Comic #41

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