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This joke has been circulating around the Prontera Parish group for a little while, and now I shall share it with all of you! It's a true story, too. I had taken the names of the classes from the Korean version of the Ragnarok Online Website and translated them with a Korean to English machine translator, then discussed the results of my endeavours in the Prontera Parish IRC channel.

Some of the results I got back were ... extremely odd.

Here's some examples:

"Poem Phu"

"Prosecuting Attourney"

"Phey Nose Phey Nose Article"

"Up Writing Tu"

"Oh Wife"

... Yeah, it was quite weird. Translating other parts of the site were also bizarre. I really wish I still had the log of my discoveries; there were things from the site that were truly bizarre, such as a description of the Archer to Hunter job class quest that required Archers to sell eight cones from their side ("From the side, it sells eight cones").

And of course, there was this: the Right Season Worker!

The last panel of this comic was actually done before the comic, as an injoke concerning the translation. Dareon Clearwater (same guy who plays Sun Wukong) wanted me to make a wallpaper of this a while back, but I never got around to it ...

I hope this suffices, though!

Oh, by the way: three of the blacksmiths in the nearest row of Tristan's crowd are cameos. They're Magdalena, MaRuLaSh and Riffy.

Comic #42

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