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Behold! A representation of what happens when Sniff assaults a wire mesh strainer! ... Er, wait.

That isn't actually a representation of a Ragnarok Online field, but it's close enough! I just created two height maps and took a picture of them as wire meshes. Considering that I did this on the laptop, it was a very, how shall we say, meshy situation ... I think I just froze a few people with that one.

You know what RO needs? A megaphone item that you can use once that invokes a Frost Joke. Something like that one parody video game based on Gradius? Parodius? I know there's some shoot 'em up fans out there! Half of you are nutty Touhou fanatics! It'd be pretty funny. We've already got a bunch of hats and equipment that autocast certain spells.

Y'know, I wonder if they'll ever try and fix this? Probably not; it's not that big a deal. Still weirds me out whenever I see it, though!

Comic #427

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