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When I heard about this event, I couldn't help but snicker. Someone, SOMEWHERE, heard about this event then busted out their old man cane, a long grey beard, and said, "In MY day, we flooded cities with the worst monsters in the world! We didn't use no bits of pumpkin, but thousands of branches! UPHILL! BOTH WAYS!" ... no, I did no such thing, I swear! Still, I had to take a picture of myself next to Dark Lord in Prontera. It's almost like a petting zoo, when Gravity has events where monsters and MVPs act as quest givers ... I should get a picture of me petting Dark Lord. It's one of the few times I'll get away with it!

For those playing the home game: Ruwach is an Acolyte skill (usable by all clerics who learned it as Acolytes) that allows them to reveal hidden foes, and does Holy damage. For events like this, with tons of passive, weak enemies that hide, Ruwach is like a hot knife through ghostly butter!

Comic #447

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