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Last comic we introduced a new cast member from the Prontera Parish.

Today we introduce a new cast member who's from the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard!

Everyone, meet Corigan. Corigan calls himself the "Tundra Swordsman," but really, that T could be used for a different word entirely. As in "alt-tabbing."

Corigan has a love for alt-tabbing, and he's never there when you really need him.

It can be pretty frustrating when you're needing his attention for something important coming up or if you're taking a short break in the middle of a dungeon crawl and you can't afford to stick around in the same spot.

We run into that situation a lot when we level in the Mjolnir Dead Pit. The second dungeon level, where the Mysts and Evil Druids lurk, can be pretty nasty at times, especially when mobs spawn in waves.

Thankfully, he hasn't actually gone and alt-tabbed DURING a dangerous situation, though I've always feared this'd come true.

Maybe being included in this comic will prevent him from even thinking about it!

For the record—I was going to include some of the other CoRMers visually in this comic.

Since I didn't wind up doing that, let it be known: Saint Damien would be the one saying getting the last words in that drippy word balloon on the last panel!

Comic #45

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