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Knowing me, I'm probably going to get flamed very badly just for doing a comic in honor of America's birthday, what with recent events.

Yes, I am American, and I happen to be a patriotic one at that. You should be aware that patriotism does not, repeat NOT mean that you think your nation or culture is superior to all others. Patriotism also does not mean that you blindly obey or agree with every statement made by a government official. What patriotism means is that you have pride or love for your country, that you take your country's ideals and values to heart. So in that respect, when I say I'm a patriotic American, I'm guilty as charged.

Surfing around on the internet of late, I'm getting the impression that an American such as myself can't go anywhere outside the U.S. without risking being dragged off the streets and beaten to a pulp simply because they're an American and, because of that, they must be the greatest evil on the planet. Everyone seems to have unbridled hatred towards the U.S. and its citizens nowadays.

Just take a look at the sentiments from Urban Dictionary; some of these insults were used in the comic for that anti-American flamethrower. Yeah, I did notice that a few Americans tried to throw in some nationalistic counters in those links I've provided ... which kind of annoys me—it's just what the anti-American flamers want to hear because they don't want to deal with the possibility that their delusions are wrong.

Anyways, in a world were I feel I've got little chance of surviving a trip past the U.S. borders, I've made the best of today and did this comic. Hope ya'll like it despite the recent international turmoil. So, to any fellow Americans out there, happy Fourth, and remember: Beer and fireworks DO NOT MIX!

Comic #46

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