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Ringing in the new year with lots of explosives! Since this is supposed to be that Misty Lake place in Gensokyo, that could also be a bunch of people activating their spell cards. AKA danmaku, AKA "oh holy Load where did all these glowing magical bullets come from!"

I may not sound like it, but I do know a lot more about Touhou than I let on. I've yet to, as of this comic, actually play any of the Touhou games. That's right, I've not played a single one—and yet somehow I know a significant amount about the characters and the fandom's many many injokes. That's why I wound up doing all that Cirno Day stuff, after all.

All I can say is, I think Nth Power is happy to have the chance to exact his revenge on Cirno ... in a twist on his old standby! Well, in order to have done it properly, he would have had to have used his potions in the cherry bomb style. As far as I'lve heard, though, Cirno is a homeless bum. Which begs the question what she does for—well, you know what? I don't want to go there. No! I said I'm not thinking about it. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME. If you make me think about it I will leave you at the mercy of Nth Power. You wouldn't like that. Not even you Nth Power fangirls out there! His love is like a bomb—and not the Tom Jones kind!

Comic #460

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