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Silly Saint Damien. Talien doesn't NEED to watch his back! Besides, it's not like he can watch his back anyway. He's not that limber! He doesn't have enough AGI/DEX! You know, I'm not actually sure WHAT Talien is in terms of stat and skill build. Some of the guys, I remember what they are or were: Corigan prides himself on being an AGI Knight (Hee hee. Aggie.) for example, but Talien ... I'll ask him sometime.

Seriously, though, can you blame Nth Power for being sore about thr whole homunculi thing even after, like, five or six years later? He was promised glory, and got pudding!

And lookie here! It's the return of Sir Hawkeye, after his Thanksgiving cameo from almost a full decade ago!

You might've noticed that his Knight uniform differs slightly from the way I usually draw Ragnarok Online's Knights. Hawkeye sees himself as being part engineer slash mechanic, part swordsman slash knight. I could have made him a Mechanic since RO has those now, but he's still that knightly "Sir" thing going for him. So, I split the difference—his appearance is based on his actual concept art for himself.

Now I just need an excuse for him to brandish that Wrenchmace he made for himself, because that thing is awesome.

Comic #480

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