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Ironically, this was supposed to be part of "The Sword That Shagged Me," but I was running out of time on the 15th and decided to split it into a third comic. Doing so made it just like the trilogy of Austin Powers movies, though!

Or would that be serendipitous instead of ironic? I don't know why, but no matter how many times I read the definition if "irony," I can never seem to use it correctly!

Issues of serene chip dips and slabs of iron aside, what's scary is that PSS and several other readers predicted what would happen almost to a tee when they read the first half!

Oh, and check it out! Kawaii-chan makes her return as an unfortunate victim of the pick-up lines from the Sword of Austin Powers. She'll appear more often ... when I can think of comics she'd fit in.

And yes, her ... "stats" as Sniff would say, are overporpotioned on purpose compared to the other girls there. There's plenty of anime girls out there who would outsize Kawaii-chan, though.

Comic #56

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