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What better way to mark a full year of Ragnarok Wisdom than to do a sequel of its very first comic?

You know, I never thought I'd be doing this as a "proper" webcomic when I first put together the comic short I called "Ragnarok Wisdom." Now here I am, a year later with sixty-ish comics done and on a reasonably regular basis!

Yep, that's Sun Wukong Clearwater again. I haven't heard from him for a long, long time. Cool guy, though. Sun Wukong is actually an alternate character of Dareon Clearwater, and in terms of roleplay the two characters are brothers—but the guy behind both of them usually goes by the name "Dareon" more than anything.

They have a third brother that's an alternate character, too, an adopted guy named Thaddeus Clearwater in roleplay, but known as Monkeybooya in-game. Given Sun Wukong's name, I'm guessing Dareon really likes monkeys and Journey to the West!

What's ironic to me about all this is that Ragnarok Wisdom started its first comic with a cameo from a guy in the Parish, despite the fact that I'm ... er ... a lot "closer" to the people of Crusaders of Rune-Midgard.

... sun wukong ;_;

I figured it'd be fitting to have this be a comic where the tables were turned—Sun Wukong, who would surely be a priest by now in RO (if he's still playing at all ...) would have SP regen and INT bonuses and sanctuary, to cover for his small healing abilities. By the time I got to the point where I could have changed into a Priest (if I wanted to), I had to rely on grape juice to keep the SP going. If I ran out, well ... whoopsie.

Something I've noticed ... I seem to be one of the few people who stay as a super-first class, much less superaco. I'm almost certain that if Sun Wukong is still playing RO, that he'd have gone Priest (if he's made it that far). I'm the only person that seems to have stayed an Acolyte. Sniff was the only person I know that was staying a swordsman, though he had a reason—he was waiting for the Crusader class. As of this comic, though, he's not playing iRO.

Comic #64

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