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Whee. Today's my birthday, and now I'm 20 years old. When I stop and think about how that means I've been alive for two decades, it makes me get all Keanu Reeves. "Whoa."

But enough about the Matrix!

To coincide with my birthday, I released the third installment of The Legend of Key-Fu today. Compared to Ragnarok Wisdom, it's ... quite a bit different from what you guys have seen out of me—and I'm not just talking about the fact that it's a sprite comic whereas Ragnarok Wisdom is drawn!

I'll put it this way. Last year, when I released the second installment of Key-Fu, I showed it around the Prontera Parish.

Saint Damien's brain squeezed out of his ear and fled for its life.

Apparently Saint Damien could not comprehend the true form of my weirdness!


Anyway, if you guys would like to read The Legend of Key-Fu yourself, you can read it here.

Let's see how many people's brains go running for their lives!

Although it would be better if people enjoyed it and their brains stayed to watch the show with them. Maybe share some popcorn with their brains. Or some other kind of brain food.

It turned out that my birthday coincides with Tori's—the wizard chick from Lacrosse's comic last update, as well as one of the cameos from screenChaos061. So I figured, why not?

Comic #70

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