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When I first got into Ragnarok Online, the "boss" MVP system seemed like a real novel idea. I hadn't played any MMORPGs besides Graal, and most of my RPGing experience came out of console RPGs, so this whole idea was fresh and interesting to me.

I don't actually go after MVPs though, especially after getting some time in on RO and seeing the way many iRO users act—that is to say, idotic—over MVPs.

Which is why I made this comic—here you've got fearsome bosses, especially Dark Lord, who are comparable to villains such as Sauron in J. R. R. Tolkien's world. They're the kind that people would fear because they're so powerful.

Most iROers don't care. All they see is the rare items dropped from an MVP boss—MVPs are just another unwanted obstacle from getting that special hat or whatever. Then you factor in how people will "hog MVPs," slaughtering them repeatedly for more hats, and the people who threaten to ban someone over the most absurd things ...

Just imagine if Lord of the Rings was like this. "omg sauron has a crappy drop lol!!!!!!" "omfg wtf frodo u ass i was gonna get em" "stfu aragorn" "hahahaha"

Oh well. Here's a random tidbit of serendipity: the font I used for Dark Lord's speech is called "Moria Citadel." Fitting!

Comic #72

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