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After 25 days of RO, I finally sat down and made another comic!

Here we see Novvy the Novice in his element!

Novvy's take on Jingle Bells was popular among the Crusaders and Parish for a bit. A few people tried their hand at singing Novvy's lines, too. Maybe I ought to have a friend of mine VA Novvy and have him sing the entire song.

... That would be awesome. IT'S A DEAL!

Anyway! it's kind of weird when you look back on your old stuff and you see how much your style has changed. Comparing how Novvy looked in the first few comics he appeared compared to what he looks looks like in the years since 2003, he's a lot different looking! In the first two years of the comic or so, his hair had this look like he never shampooed it or something.

Which is kind of gross now that I think about it. It looks better when he's more like the default male Novice! At least it implies he knows basic hygiene! After all, getting those wild haircuts to stay just right is a serious feat in hairstyle science.

Anyway! You gotta admit, for a Novice, Novvy knows how to hit hard. Even if he doesn't use his jaws like Kawaii-chan, look at what he did to Antonio there! He body tackled Antonio so hard the broke off the hand of that shadow creature in Antonio's bag!

How many people can remember back during this time when Antonio first popped up, and he was extremely easy to take out? We farmed him just like we farmed herbs!

... Hmm ... That gives me ... ideas.

Comic #8

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