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The contentious relationship Saint Damien has with Douglas is now explained! Hooray! Nth wasn't too happy with me not asking him about using the fishbones thing before making a comic out of it—even though he had told me that he had gotten over it a long time before I ever considered making the comic.

I need to be more careful about that kind of stuff.

Either way, this comic is somewhat of an apology note, because this time, Nth gets back at both me and SD in a way only Nth can.

Well, at least where I'm concerned. The revenge on Damien here is more or less poetic justice.

So yeah, here's how I repent, Nth. ;_;

The whole Douglas thing started back in Juneish, during that hack attack that caused Gravity LLC to roll back the state of the iRO servers a record three times in a row. Saint Damien was trying to take advantage of the double EXP and drop rate that Gravity was compensating iRO with, so that he could finally make Priest. He spent his time in the map where, at the time, there was an abundance of wormtails, horns, and the like—but also the home of Brilight and Stemworm.

For an Acolyte close to Priesthood, those two minibosses are the bane of one's existence. At least for Saint Dee, who particularly feared and revered Brilight.

A couple of us CoRMers (including me) often assisted Saint Dee in his quest by keeping watch over him, lest the angsty miniboss duo prey on his holy behind.

Saint Dee devised a codeword to replace the phrase "I could sure use some help right now, because I'm getting killed by Brilight and Stemworm." That codeword happened to be "Douglas." I don't think it was meant to be a nod to Homestar Runner's Strong Bad E-mails or anything, but then, it might have been.

Since then, it's become a personal schtick of Saint Damien's that's been something I've wanted to make an RW about for a while, but never really devised a way to go about it.

Well, now I have!

Oh. More random trivia—the whole "DOUGLAS! :o " thing is patterned after how SD would often let us know if Douglas was in the neighborhood—after a while it became his own personal catchphrase, and on IRC he used to have a script where, if someone said the word Douglas, he'd respond with ":o!!!"

Pretty funny stuff.

This is likely not the last time we'll be seeing Douglas. Saint Damien has vowed to have a rematch with Douglas in RO, and to beat him. It's gonna be the match of the century! Pink giant evil ladybug against the lurking Priest! BE THERE!

Comic #90

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