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Whew! This comic turned out longer than I thought it would be!

The idea behind this one sprouted from an exchange that Gut Funk and I had while we were playing Gunbound. Anyone remember that OLD old computer game Scorched Earth? Or has any of the readership played Worms? Gunbound's like those games, but with cutesy Korean-style characters riding random animals and vehicles. Like RO, it features hats. Many hats. (And other custom parts.)

We had been playing a few hours of duels with each other, spouting random nonsensical remarks to one another as we fought. At one point, I said:

"are you ready for a shave"

Gut Funk replied:


"close plz"

At that point, a salvo of missiles I had launched sent him flying off the battlefield.

That about explains why Gut Funk would ask for a shave from the Abyss Knight here. I mean, hey—if you're about to die or get horribly mauled with no chance of escape, you might as well go out in style, right?



... ahem.

This is another comic I managed to finish without having to resort to copy and pasting older drawings of characters! Even though I did reuse Gut Funk's pose for the first panel, I figured it works. Squatting, staring up in fear at ... well... Doom.

There's quite a few visual references here—anyone familiar with the Clock Crew from Newgrounds? That alarm clock is vaguely shaped after Kuckoo Clock, though that ... er... clock no longer uses that name/appearance anymore ... Oh! Also, the "FOK!" on the newspaper is a Megazeux game developer community reference. One of their favorite cuss words. Not sure who coined it, though.

Aaaaand ...

Recognize THIS guy from anywhere? If you check out my other stuff, you may know him—he's from "Aloe Vera, The Miracle Cureall."
He's had to find work as a TV personality elsewhere since the We Love Aloe Vera company laid him off—I guess Aloe Vera just didn't sell well!

Though I gotta say, I like how I drew him here. At least, in this first panel. It just ... fits!

I kind of anticipate to get some angry e-mails from dead branch enthusiasts over this. Just keep in mind I'm not bashing everyone who uses a dead branch, but the ones who use them in towns and crowded areas. I've already ranted on the dead branch griefing thing before—you can see it here if you never read it.

All I can say is, that new update to kRO which prevents dead branch use in cities and Kafra maps can't get here any sooner. Freakin' griefers.

Comic #94

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