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Sooo ... yep. It's past Valentine's Day now, and yeah, I'm single. V-Day's an odd day, you know? At least, if you live in a nation that's commericalized the holiday like the U.S., then suddenly, the local surroundings turn pink and red. FOK!

I swear, I walked out of my pad on the morning of V-Day and the sky was pink.

Then I realized it was just early morning. ;_;

One thing I'm going to try and nip in the bud here—no, I'm not chauvunist (or however you spell that word... Chauffernist? Cravenist? Caravanist? Heheh). I get the feeling that some people will take the "taken" remark here as some sort of chauvunist remark, and it's not. I use that term for both sexes when applicable. 'Kay? Kay!

Speaking of taken, I should point out here that MVE, the real MVE, is taken himself. He's engaged, actually, so uh ... Sorry, MVE fans!

Here's an odd bit of trivial for you all, though! MVE and I both like female archers as far as the wardrobes of female RO classes go. They hit a good balance of attractive yet reasonable attire, and they look very huggable. On top of that, they wear a vibrant color! I mean, if you think about it, most of the girls in RO wear earthtones and tans and faded stuff. Archers wear all blue!

Other classes, like the female mages, just look ... fishy, buuuut I've already covered that once before.

And don't talk to me about the Dancers, man. They're the only girls that can make female mages turn green with envy!

Comic #98

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