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Brinksmanship! The art or practice of pushing a dangerous situation or confrontation to the limit of safety especially to force a desired outcome!

It's a word that is fairly accurate when concerning a trend in iRO lamerism. While I'm sure that the other language services have some degree of this problem, in iRO lamers will do anything that isn't verbosely forbidden by the RO rules.

A good example of that is the DB greifing crowd—many claim that since the rules don't expressly forbid using them to grief, they feel it's perfectly alright to flood a town full of monsters so that not even a cockroach could cross the street without getting maimed.


Speaking of lamers, the dude here with the brown hair and fish helm ... Is it just me, or has he shown up in a LOT of comics?

Come to think of it, any time I need a generic lamer (Novvy can't fit many of these roles, since he's special and well-meaning ... mostly), I always seem to reach for this fish-helmed dude.

Maybe he needs to be fleshed out into a main cast member or something.

... Actually, no, that would be doing lamers everywhere a service. Nevermind!

Speaking of which, I was intentionally sloppy with drawing the Lamer Knight compared to Sniff. Sniff must have used the Suck Ray on him!


Wave goodbye to the griefer, everybody!

lamer discus++

Originally I was going to draw more panels of Sniff grabbing and throwing Lamer Knight off the cliff, but I think it works better like this, with all its suddenness. Besides, you all know what discus throwing looks like, right? Right?! Mario does it to Bowser all the time!

In fact, picture Sniff launching Lamer Knight off the cliff in Mario's voice. "So long, Sir Lamer!"

Smudging up the lamer's ghostly linework in The GIMP really added to the whole ethereal thing going on here.

Comic #99

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